Friday, January 13, 2017

New Years

Over New Years we went to Tucson, AZ for Conquerors Conference. Bro. Davis delivered amazing messages over that weekend. I absolutely love hearing Bro. Davis preach anywhere, anytime!

We are settling into our new home and absolutely loving it. Though it will take many months to get it exactly what I have pictured in my mind. Probably more like years actually....

We are still trying to sell the 5th wheel but alas no one wants such a huge RV I suppose. That is not to say that it has been sitting all lonely though. We had an evangelist here for about a month and they made good use of it and now with the church roofing project coming and some folks from Washington coming to help with that it will once again be occupied.

We are looking forward to having Travis' parents here for 3 weeks, though it seems that every time they come we are so busy working on things there is never time for just visiting and spending time together doing things. So once again the whole time they are here we will be working, and busy.

The boys are doing well in school and looking forward to the end of the school year. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel though we still have a few more months to go..

Dallas will be 16 in March and my oh my what shall I do. He is always wanting to drive every chance he gets and it really freaks me out. He isn't doing horrible at it. Its just that mom thing I think that is in a constant state of worry. I can not imagine what I will do when the time comes and he wants to take my car and go somewhere alone once he has his license. He is determined to have a job immediately and though I do want him to work and not be lazy I just hate to see him be tied down with a job and all growing up on me and oh bother its so hard to watch kids grow up. I wish so badly for the days of old when he was a little darling 2 year old. Those were the fun days.
Many people tell us we need another child and at times I do think of it haha but sanity returns very quickly when I realize that my boys are almost grown, what in the world would possess me to start over! Haha


Gram said...

Thank you for the post,If you can't believe Dallas is almost 16 think of poor grandma who has a GREAT GRANDSON who is 16.Where oh where did the years go?

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